Mr Talaye - Saved

     The love and grace of God is irresistible,,His mercy is undeniable,His freedom is real and without any charge.
SAVED is a song that recognizes God's unchanging nature and salvation. And from a true heart of worship JESUS is glorified.
Find rest and life in this God given song.
                                                          Click Here To Download



  1. Waw! This obviously the best it kind sir, indeed his freedom is real and He really deserves the best kind of worship. A touching song by Mr Talaye...the the journey has officially begun for you bro, just know that world are waiting with itching ears to have an auditory taste of your voice...God will bless and continue to uplift you and your ministry. "The SAVED" tour has just begun. Luv u brotherly

  2. What an amazing and soul soothing song. More grace to the song writer.

  3. Wow. Mr. Talaye am so much bless with this piece. God bless your ministry.


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