10 Tips On How To Have A Successful “Friends With Benefits” Relationship

Having a friend with benefits is one of the greatest perks of the modern age. You get all the physical and emotional health benefits of having regular sexx, you keep your libido up between relationships, your self-esteem sky rockets, and you don’t have any of the emotional roller coasters of a real relationship. BUT, that’s only if you do things right. Here’s how:

1. Be honest about the relationship
The number one rule that must be followed or else the FWB relationship simply cannot exist is being honest about the fact that that’s what it is: a FWB relationship. Make sure nobody is secretly holding out until the other one falls in love. Make sure it’s understood that meeting the parents and trips to Ikea are not in the cards.

2. Set the boundaries
Every FWB relationship is different. Figure out what works for you. Do you have to hang out before having sex? Or are booty-calls acceptable? Do you hang out after? Do you spend the night at one another’s places? Set these boundaries in advance (even if it’s awkward) so that nobody ever feels cheated or disrespected.

3. Keep looking elsewhere!
So you don’t start accidentally looking to your FWB for boyfriend/girlfriend type behaviors, be sure you’re still on the prowl for a real relationship. Or, at the very least, for other guys/girls to casually date.

4. Don’t do this with your best friend
Be real: when this thing ends (and it will end) you can’t have this guy/girl that you used to have lots of sex with hanging around, when you get a real boyfriend/girlfriend. And you probably don’t want to hang around him when he/she gets a real girlfriend/boyfriend. The best plan is to have a FWB who is, honestly, a disposable friend. Because there will come a time to dispose of him/her.

5. Be ready for an expiration date
On the previous note, know that this thing has an expiration date. There will come a day when one of you meets someone else that you want to get serious with, or even just realize that if you don’t end things soon, you’ll feel like you’re in a long-term relationship. Know that the expiration date will probably come unexpectedly. One of you will just lose interest, or even blow the other one off. Don’t fight it. Know that it’s a part of the game.

6. Like him/her a little
Even though you’re not meant to fall in love, at the very least pick someone you have fun chatting with and throwing back some drinks with. A lot of the fun of a FWB is the sexual tension leading up to the actual act, and that comes from a little flirting and mental stimulation.

7. Do not prioritize him/her
Don’t start cancelling on friends or other plans to see your FWB. That’s when you immediately start having higher expectations for the relationship. Only meet up with your FWB when it’s convenient for the both of you. That’s what this is about: each of you getting someone out of it. Not about necessarily giving to the other person or compromising.

8. Don’t plan ahead
If you start planning your rendezvous a few days in advance, it will begin to feel like a real relationship. You’ll even have to say the words to your other friends, “Oh no sorry I can’t come out that night. I’m meeting up with insert name of FWB here” and then it will really feel like a relationship.” Keep your meet-up’s spontaneous. Give maybe a morning-of notice.

9. See each other infrequently
It’s difficult to get emotionally attached to someone if you only see him or her once or twice a week. Good. Keep it that way. If he’s around too much, he’ll inevitably learn too much about you and visa versa and you’ll become invested in each other. That is a mess you don’t want.

10. Have good sexual chemistry!
Otherwise what’s the point? You shouldn’t have to work that hard to enjoy sex with your FWB. The majority of the reason you’re doing this is for the sex, and for the big O. If he/she can’t provide that for you, you don’t owe him the courtesy of sticking

4 Signs She Would Break Your Heart

At the start of a new relationship, it’s easy to overlook the clear cut signs that she’ll break your heart because of genuine attraction, excitement or just the fact you’re getting some action. However, with the majority of relationships destined for failure, you need to be selective and end a sour one before too much of your time and energy has been invested. For your benefit, here are 4 signs that she’ll break your heart.

1. She was already involved when she met you
The two of you hooked up when she was dating another guy or even worse–you’re dating a married woman . While it can be easy to discount logic and naysayers when you’re head-over-heels in love, but sooner or later you’ll realize that you’ll never be able to fully trust her. After all, how do you know she wouldn’t start dating someone else? A cheat is always a cheat.

2. She’s still close with her exes
If you meet a girl that is able to stay good friends with her exes and gets a lot of calls from a lot of guys who all seem very close to her, she’ll damage you. She may have some “friends with benefits” things going on with her exes, and the fact that she finds men so disposable means that she never really builds up strong relationships anyway. If you’re looking for a serious relationship, never get involved with a girl who easily switches from viewing as lovers to treating them as friends.

3. She has deep-rooted issues
Whether it’s problems with alcohol, drugs, or psychological issues, if there’s something in her life that you’re always second place to, this relationship is not going to last long.

4. She’s very secretive and lies a lot
If your girl isn’t big on telling the truth, doesn’t feel guilt over her constant lies, does whatever is “easiest” to get by rather than dealing with the truth and simply tells you what you want to hear, you should end it sooner rather than later.

5 Signs She Wants To Be More Than Friends

So after a night of hanging out with one of your female friends, you started getting this nagging feeling that something’s different. Has she started looking at and treating you differently, as if she’s sizing you up? Have the things you both used to joke about, such as her physical flaws, become a sensitive subject for her? Has she started wearing a backless blouse and pulling out the 4-inch stilettos just to meet you for coffee?

The reason why she is now treating you less as a friend is because she is starting to see you more as a potential mate. Here are 5 signs that she wants to be more than just friends with you.

1. She’s jealous of other women you talk to
If you are dating other women, most of the time she is cool with it, but suddenly she is being critical of them and sees them as some type of competition. So if you notice her getting an upset look on her face or steaming just because you’re joking around with other women, you can be sure that she wants to become more than a friend .

2. She hangs on your every word
No matter what you are talking about, she’ll be sitting at the edge of her seat, looking into your eyes longer and will be interested in what you have to say, even if it is about a topic she has no interest in. If she hangs on your every word that’s a good indication she wants more attention from you and to give you more.

3. She no longer talks about other guys in front of you
If she suddenly stops talking about the guys she meets and dates, there’s a good chance she’s keeping herself available for you.

4. She makes excuses to hang out alone with you
If a woman is interested in you, she’ll make an effort to have alone time with you. She will ask you to hang out and will isolate both of you from other people. For example, if you are at a party, she may suggest sitting out front where there are less people around.

5. She starts wearing more makeup and dresses better around you
If you come over to watch a movie and you notice that her appearance is getting sexier by the minute and you’re wondering what’s the occasion, the truth is she wants you to take notice of her beauty and see her in a different light.

4 Things African Men Want In Bed

The best way to an African man’s heart is his stomach but the best way to his sexual satisfaction is knowing how to “cook” in the bedroom. Here are the things African guys want in bed.

1. Good Head:
Not all women know about the art of good head giving, but mastering the art can guarantee you your man’s satisfaction and loyalty. Most african men love good blowjobs and have agreed that it is one of the things they want in bed.

2. Moaning:
When a man does it well, he likes to know. When you let your man know that he is doing his homework very well and that you enjoy it, it makes him work harder and keeps his ego intact. One of the best ways to show him he’s working it well is when you moan in response. This is known to be a huge turn on for men and also make them work more.

3. Action Woman:
Whether lovemaking, fucking, banging or quickie, a man doesn’t want to be with a woman who is as passive as a log of wood. The beauty of sex is when the other person is active, it brings that satisfaction/fun in bed and makes the man look forward to a next time!

4. Talking dirty:
Most men love the dirty talk. It is a huge turn on for them and let’s them know when they are hitting the spot well. You want to keep your man’s mind on the sex? Do the dirty talk more!

How You Can Avoid Breast Cancer

According to the National Cancer Institute in the US, a diet full of vegetables and fruits can help women avoid the risk of breast cancer.

A diet rich is vegetables and fruits , consumed over a considerable length of time, will not only help in avoiding a number of fatal diseases but will also aid in the healing process of various types of ailments like breast cancer.

Researchers from the National Cancer Institute in the US now have reason to believe that carotenoids – organic pigments found in fruits and vegetables known for their anti-oxidant properties – can also prevent the formation of cancer cells in the breasts. Because carotenoids can alter the working of the immune system, they can help in altering the formation of any kind of cancerous cells.

The best sources of carotenoids are melons, oranges, peppers, carrots, broccoli, spinach and sweet potatoes.

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